£139.20 (inc. VAT)

Toughened Glass for use behind Gas Hobs

The glass is the same thickness as the Lustrolite panel (4mm) and colour matched* to ensure a seamless look

PLEASE NOTE: Toughened glass cannot be cut or shaped.

*Whilst we endeavour to colour match these products as closely as possible, there may be slight differences, particularly under certain lighting due to differences in material type and manufacturing technique.


General Notes for Lustrolite Products


Edges are required for fitting

The edges of Lustrolite can be sanded and polished, or fitted with a range of Lustrolite Edge Profiles. Brushed Aluminium and Color Matched PVC profiles are available.

Note: Lustrolite is for indoor, vertical surfaces only and should NOT be used in contact with direct heat source above 70°C (158°F).

Panel Sizes

Lustrolite is 4mm thick, and is available in a range of convenient panel sizes to be cut and worked on site.

Lustrolite Showreel